The free methodist church

We are part of a much larger family ... a connected community of Free Methodist churches, universities, and other ministries that span North America and exist to serve most of the rest of the world.  Locally, we are part of the Southern Michigan Conference, which covers most of Southern Michigan south of Lansing. - The Southern Michigan Conference - The Free Methodist Church of North America

an Expanding hub...

DFMC is a church with many ministries and ministry partners.  The central church provides Sunday morning worship services as well as ministries to various ages and other demographic groups.  It also functions as a hub, providing oversight and support for expressions of church in other communities as well as a variety of community service initiatives.  

Our alternate expressions of church include a dinner church in the Brightmoor community in Detroit and one in central Lincoln Park.

Through partnerships with Mission Igniter and others, we also offer a ministry to refugee families from the middle east and a community center in Lincoln Park.

We also offer the Harbor Homeschool, which provides enrichment classes for home schooled children. More than 150 kids and their families are part of the school each semester.

Orchard Ministries...

Our group of ministries that function outside the central church is referred to as The Orchard. As mentioned above, the central church functionas as a hub, providing support and coaching for those who lead and serve in our Orchard Ministries.

The Brightmoor Dinner Church community, in the Brightmoor area of Detroit, provides a free meal, a worship service, and care ministries each week.  The Chandler Church, in Lincoln Park, offers the same ministries twice a month at the Chandler Center (a Revive Network initiative).

Through partnerships with Mission Igniter and others, we offer Jiran Collective, which is a ministry to refugee families from the middle east.  Jiran Collective provides a supportive community for refugees and helps them find support as they settle in to life in Southern Michigan.

Through our Revive Network non-profit, we provide a variety of community service initiatives.  These include food pantries in Dearborn and Lincoln Park, ESL classes, citizenship classes and a variety of other services to the Metro Detroit area.
The Orchard continues to expand as new leaders are inspired to minister to other people in other areas.  Even now, new initiatives are forming.  If you are interesting in learning how you can be a part of The Orchard. Please contact us using the form below.

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