Senior Adults

The leading edge of the largest generation in history, the Baby Boomers, (the 78 million born between 1946-1965), is turning 60+. If you include the Greatest Generation of the World War II era, then America has more living senior citizens than at any other time in recorded history. In short, historic numbers of people in America are graying ... and the church is graying as well.

Senior Ministries vision

It is incumbent upon the Church to be genuinely concerned about the faith development and well being of its senior population. Here at Dearborn Free Methodist Church our concern is more than merely filling pews on Sunday morning. Rather, we take seriously the calling to minister to each individual, regardless of his or her stage of life. Part of that ministry is recognizing that at each life stage, there are tasks and challenges that need to be resolved.

Rick Watson

Senior Adult Pastor

Rick Watson is the Pastor of Senior Ministry at Dearborn Free Methodist Church. Rick has served in pastoral ministry over 30 years. During that time, he has always had a heart for ministry to the senior population.  Rick is also an adjunct professor, teaching Bible and Ethics for Spring Arbor University in adult studies. Additionally, he serves as a Chaplain at the Henry Ford Retirement Village here in Dearborn Michigan, ministering to those in the assisted living, nursing care, memory care, hospice care, and rehabilitation services. 

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