We are called to love Up, In and Out.

Our primary UP environment is our Worship Gathering.
This is where the church gathers to celebrate who God is and what
He is doing in our midst, hear from his word, pray and respond.

Our primary IN environment is our Connect Groups.
Connect Groups are small groups that meet regularly
to build relationships, learn and serve together.

Our primary OUT environment is our Fresh Expressions.
These are teams and groups that have identified a neighborhood or people group
that they believe Jesus has sent them to. They listen, meet needs, build friendships
and cultivate an expression of UP/IN/OUT in that context.

Core values and behaviors

Attractive Authenticity

Authenticity is living out one’s true self in front of others.  This requires self-awareness, vulnerability and being secure in one’s identity in Christ, not the thoughts, opinions and criticisms of others.
We live out the value of authenticity when we share our joy, pain, struggles and mistakes with humility ... speak kindly and honestly to ourselves and others, even when it's difficult ... and act in ways that are consistent with our words.

Supernatural Prayer

Prayer is communing with God.  This includes both talking and listening.  We believe that everything we do as a church should be covered in prayer.  Prayer is not our last resort; it is our first strike.
We live out the value of prayer when we spend time regularly listening for God’s voice ... pray with others in the now (we don’t wait until later) ... and teach all generations how to pray.

Courageous Faith

Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see (Hebrews 11.1).  Following Jesus requires faith, which is evidenced by courage and risk-taking.  We trust that God is present and leading us.
We live out the value of faith when we: act in response to God’s leading, even when we are unsure of the outcome ... continue to show up even when things are difficult or don’t make sense ... and  notice, celebrate and support the risk-taking faith of others.

Selfless Love

The kind of love that God calls us to and that Jesus modeled is a selfless and unconditional love – for God, others, the world, our enemies and even ourselves.  When we love in the way Jesus calls, our community and world will take notice.
We live out the value of love when we: make room for others in a house, at a table or in a pew, especially those who are not like us ... ask questions and listen to others’ stories more than we share our own ... and celebrate with those who celebrate and suffer with those who suffer.

Humble Service

Jesus came not to be served, but to serve and give his life for everyone.  Therefore, we believe that service comes down to living an “others first” life.  We put the needs of others before our own and seek to meet those needs with the tangible love of Jesus.
We live out the value of service when we: meet the needs of others without expectations and with no strings attached. ... empower people to use their gifts to participate in the mission of Jesus. ... and set aside our preferences for the sake of the mission.

Inspired Scripture

Scripture is God’s inspired word.  We believe that Scripture informs every aspect of our lives individually and the life of our church.  Therefore, we look to the teachings of Scripture in all things, trusting that the Holy Spirit will speak to us through them.
We live out the value of scripture when we read, study, teach and preach Scripture regularly ... apply principles from Scripture to our everyday lives ... and share insights and teachings of Scripture with others.

Empowered Disciple-making

A disciple is someone who is growing in the character and competency of Jesus.  Jesus gave his disciples a mandate to make more disciples and we believe this is still the church’s mandate today.  Every disciple should be engaged in making and multiplying disciples, leaders and churches.
We live out the value of disciple-making when we consistently share the importance of making disciples for a follower of Jesus ... invite people to participate in a group ... and encourage and support the development of organic disciple-making relationships.

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